Suffolk Beaches

Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, has a beautiful collection of beaches, resorts and beachside properties that keep locals and visitors in awe all year round. There are different beach scenes to suit every personality and every taste. There are party hot spots that appeal to fun loving crowds, with easy access to bars and nightclubs and other adult entertainment. And then there are the secluded hideaways where the solace seeking reader or lone fisher can get away alone for quiet reflection. Suffolk County has a sweet combination of home-style charm and touristy appeal, and all its beaches share the common quality of being clean, friendly, well-maintained and well-supervised. Activities in which people engage in Suffolk beaches are swimming, fishing, beach-combing, canoeing, kayaking, water-skiing, surfing, and boogie boarding. Most beaches feature finished restrooms, and many have showers to help rid you of all the sand you collected before getting back in your car. There are classical boardwalks, concession stands, and in many cases, easy access to real restaurants and shopping excursions. Suffolk is a fun place to be all year round, but its beaches give it a special quality and character during the hot summer months between May and September.

Beaches located in Suffolk County Long Island, New York

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