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Brookhaven Beaches

Brookhaven Town on the Long Island Sound features many extraordinary beaches and bays for boating, fishing swimming or even just laying out in the sand. Depending on respective locations, Brookhaven beaches have many fun features and activities for families and individuals to become involved in. Corey Beach and Cedar Beach, for example, have playgrounds, concession stands, and even provide swimming lessons to its patrons at a small fee. Davis Park, at Fire Island's east end, has a distinct, relaxed beach culture that is all its own. The beach is sandy and flat, and stretches a long way down a central boardwalk with access to shopping, eateries and even a casino. It has a fun atmosphere that keeps an amazing balance of appeal among families, partiers, and local homeowners. Great Gun Beach is located on the north side of Fire Island. It is open to the public, who can opt to look for a spot to bask on the marina or even just drop anchor from your boat. There is no running water or electricity, but Great Gun BEach is a popular area for families because there is a picnic area and a playground for children. There are innumerable beaches in Brookhaven, and each one, though it offers everything the beach-goer could want, is distinct and special.

This page provides information about beaches located in the Town of Brookhaven. Some of these locations are Town-Run Beaches, while others are NYS Parks - please be sure to check each listing for details before visiting hitting the waves!

Town of Brookhaven Beaches located on Long Island, New York
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