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Oyster Bay Beaches

Centre Island Beach, Ransom Beach and Tobay Beach are the beaches of Oyster Bay. Centre Island Beach is nestled between the Long Island Sound and Oyster Bay. It offers a wholly relaxing atmosphere and stupendous oceanic views. You can sometimes even catch a view of whales swimming off the sound. Families consider Centre Island Beach ideal for picnicking and basking in the sun. Access to the beach is available through daily or seasonal passes. Ransom Beach is a short span-800 feet long-that gives access to specialty foods like Greek cuisine, pizza and ice cream, not on the beach, but within a walking distance. The beach itself offers a small, intimate beach environment that is romantic and serene. Tobay Beach is located on the east coast of the mainland, and features such water-driven activities as surfing and bookie boarding. The waves here have the same power to ride as other more popular beaches, but Tobay Beach gets comparatively smaller crowds. This could be why it is known for being consistently clean, and the beach-goers here are calm, thoughtful and polite. It is ideal for beach combers and sunbathers who want to avoid large groups and rowdy, noise-making beach partiers.

This page provides information about beaches located in the Town of OysterBay. Some of these locations are Town-Run Beaches, while others are NYS Parks - please be sure to check each listing for details before visiting hitting the waves!

Town of Oyster Bay Beaches located on Long Island, New York
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