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Glen Cove Beaches

Glen Cove features a collection of three beautiful beaches: Pryibil Beach on East Beach Road, Crescent Beach on Crescent Beach Road, and Morgan Park Beach on Germaine Street. Glen Cove beaches are private beaches, accessible to residents of Glen Cove by permit. Entrances to the beaches are gated and attended by monitors from Memorial Day in May to Labor Day in September. To receive a beach permit, you must present valid identification, and verification of your address. Glen Cove beaches are maintained at high standards. Pets are not allowed. Alcohol, playing ball and flotation devices are also prohibited. Swimming is permitted but only when a lifeguard is on duty. For your safety, lifeguards do not allow diving, and there is no skating, scooters or bicycles allowed outside of the parking area. Glen Cove beaches are ideal for private residents of Glen Beach, of course, who enjoy quiet beach activities, like beach-combing, wading, swimming, or sitting under an umbrella, reading and relaxing. It is a serene and peaceful environment where families can spend quality time together, you can spend romantic time with the love of your life, or you can pass the hours introspectively, all alone. The sand is pure and white, the water is crisp and cool, and the views are sultry and sweet.

This page provides information about beaches located in the Town of GlenCove. Some of these locations are Town-Run Beaches, while others are NYS Parks - please be sure to check each listing for details before visiting hitting the waves!

Town of Glen Cove Beaches located on Long Island, New York
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